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Could Silicon Valley Contemporary Be the Next Art Basel?

svc artbaselSource: Artspace | April 12, 2014. The answer is yes and no. Let’s begin with why Silicon Valley Contemporary could be a success. The obvious allure for creating this new fair, and for the 50-some participating galleries to buy in for its first year, is that the tech sphere headquartered in Silicon Valley is generating more wealth more quickly than anywhere else in the world. The nouveau riche of Google, Apple, Facebook, Adobecontinue.

Silicon Valley Contemporary Debuts as First Major Art Fair for the Region

Lynn-HershmanSource: ARTFIXdaily | April 9, 2014. The art world has finally found a new frontier: Silicon Valley. And it’s a place not without the means to buy art. Three of the top ten most expensive U.S. real estate markets are in the valley, including Atherton, Los Altos Hills and Portola Valley, reports Forbes. While the cultural hub of San Francisco is a short drive up the peninsula…continue.

Technology and Art Collide at Silicon Valley’s First Contemporary Art Fair

mutual wave machine

“Mutual Wave Machine”. Photo by René Passet

Source: 7x7SF | April 9, 2014. For its inaugural art fair, Silicon Valley Contemporary draws an international roster of 50 exhibitors showcasing 300 artists. The styles and mediums of the works on display will vary – large-scale robot-produced paintings by the prolific graffiti artist Katsu, a sculpture made of razor blades by South Korean monk and artist Jungsan Senim, ethereal photographs of women by Isreali photographer Yigal Ozeri – but the selection is tied together by technology’s impact on art practices around the world….continue.

San Jose: Art, Innovation at first Silicon Valley Contemporary Fair/span>

Lino Tagliapietra, "Africa", 2013, blown glass, 10.25 x 19.25" x 19.25"

“Africa” by Lino Tagliapietra

Source:  San Jose Mercury News | April 9, 2014
Silicon Valley’s elites–or at least those with healthy bank accounts–have aptly demonstrated their appetite for life’s finest things, from mansions to all-electric luxury sedans. With all this discretionary cash floating around, an event like Silicon Valley Contemporary, a “next generation art fair,” makes perfect sense. This first-time showcase of contemporary art, representing a wide range of media, runs through…continue.